fast blog post writing tips and tricks

7 Fast blog post writing tips and tricks

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Writing a blog post regularly is a key point where SEO is a concern. If you write regularly for your audience this will improve your traffic to the website. But writing regularly means each day or 3 days in a week is too tough to maintain. So you should get a Fast blog post writing tips and tricks list.

So what are those ways to write faster blog post?

or How can we write an article faster? Within 30min!! Is it Possible?

Here is the Key. Go through this article and you will get the way to write fast.

Here is the answare

7 Fast blog post writing tips and tricks – [7 way to improve your speed of writing a blog post]

1.Research first for your target blog content

Before touching the keyboard for writing the content you should research all the aspect from keywords to comparison to relevancy. Jotted down all the info in front of you at the time of writing the article. If all the aspects of your article you want to write are displayed in front of you it is easy to write the article much faster. Get your all researched material in front of you to write blog post fast.

2. Write first and edit later

Don’t try to break the flow of writing. Sometimes it happens that while writing content, some spelling mistakes, text formatting etc distract us from the flow of writing. Leave all these mentioned mistakes as it is. Go through the writing flow. After completing the writing the content you should rectify those mistakes and format all the necessary lines. This is the most important step of Fast blog post writing tips and tricks.

One important thing Try to create the content in one sitting. It will create a feeling of accomplishment inside you.

3. Google voice typing:

Use Google doc for voice typing. Through this process, you can create the content faster. For assistance on Google Voice type in Google Doc Please click here.

4. Separate writing from formatting graphics and research

Creating, designing of thinking about how to create a good image or Infographic will kill your writing flow. So please keep all these issues aside while writing. Frist try to keep intact all the attention and flow of writing. After putting all those things what you have in your head then you can think for further research of go through the process of creating images or infographic.

5. Write directly to WordPress:

If you are not using google doc then I will recommend you to write your blog post from the scratch. It will give you that feel of an Author. Another thing is that you can visualize how it will look like after publishing. Copying from another location can create a formatting issue. If that happens then you have to give extra efforts to format again and again.

6. Writing order should be Headline->introduction->Conclusion->rest of the content.

Writing headline first can avoid misdirecting your content writing process. By writing the headline first you will laser focused to write the appropriate content.

In the introduction, you can tell the visitor what all about this content. Why they should read this article and how will they benefit. So the visitor will have a clear picture of your content. This will increase the audience retention rate and this is good for SEO.

7. Good to aside distractable item or events or habits for Fast blog post writing

  • Keep your Mobile phone in flight mode.
  • Use Music without lyrics (You can use
  • Create your deadline for a time lower than actual time should be taken.
  • Try to create the content in one sitting. It will create a feeling of accomplishment inside you.
  • Sign off on all social accounts and emails
  • Write from the desk to keep a good posture while writing the content. It will help productivity and mood to write.



7 fast blog post writing tips and tricks will improve your content writing speed. I am sure. Please feel free to write your valuable content in the comment section.

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