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Google SERP Features: Ultimate Guide for SERP Features

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Excellent Guide to understand Google SERP Features: Begining of a new era of  SERP

It looks like 2018 will be an exciting year for SEO. Let’s explore what’s on the horizon for SEO in the coming year in respect of Google Algorithm Update. That is SERP Features. If you want to match Google the be smart by reading this article about Google SERP Features.

Google has over 200 factors in their algorithm so SEO is a complicated science. So much information you need to know that sometimes it puzzling enough.


But the first thing first.

SERP definition?

The filled form of SERP is Search Engine Result Page. It is the list which search engine like Google will give you depending on your give search term. It contains several blue links to different websites which have the information you are searching for.

What is SERP Features?

Are you thinking to rank in  #1 organically is the best way to get as much traffic as possible? Think again.

Google nowadays implementing new SERP features (local packs, Knowledge panels, featured snippets and so on). They are stealing information seeker’s attention and clicks from organic listings.

That means these new features are distracting from the SERP organic list of 10. Google SERP has been evolved ( you can read the article regarding the evolution of Google algorithm #algoevolution). It has gone all the way from “10 blue colored links”…

Here is the list of some most popular SERP features:

Below I have enlisted 26 SERP Features that commonly appear in Google SERPs.

Local SERP features

(A) Local Carousel:

There are two types of carousels, local and knowledge graph. But only one of them featured in SERP. I’ve chosen to show a local carousel since they have more impact on queries. Google serp features local carouselThe above result is shown for the term “Biryani in Kolkata”. It will list all the restaurant where Biryani can be available according to the Geolocation for the city name “Kolkata”. If I search for “Biryani” sitting in London then the result will be from London city not from Kolkata. Don’t give the name of the city in the search query. Google will determine what is your geo location.

(B) Local Knowledge Panel:

Some organic results are blended with a local listing with map pin, and clicking on them pulls up a Knowledge Graph panel. These results don’t always appear in the #1 position, but they seem to be more common on higher DA sites.

(C) Local “Pack” Results :

Local Pack is the most familiar local results, with mix Google Maps data with an organic listing that has local relevance. We’ve seen them in any position from #1 to #9, but they tend to be more common in the top half of the SERP. This pack includes other features like Local near and Google Map Pin.

Google serp features

(i) Local “Near” Results:

It is pulling data directly from Google Maps according to your geographical location of your ISP or IP address of your PC.

(ii) Google Map + Pins:

Results with “pinned” listings almost always trigger a map, although the location, size.  Except for traffic maps, all maps we’ve seen appear in the right-hand column. But Google changes his algorithm again. This pined info with local near result is coming on the Left side of the SERP.

Advertising and paid results AdWords:

(D) AdWords Ads (Top)

The top-left AdWords block, situated above organic results, is easily the most common. It can occupay the place of one to three results. Ad formats are becoming much richer can include both photos and site-links.

(E) Shopping Results (Left) 

Paid shopping results usually appear as a horizontal block of product images and links. Shopping results can appear in either the left or right column, and are generally at the top.

(F) AdWords Ads (Bottom)

The bottom AdWords block is very similar to the top Adword block and can contain up to three advertise Result.

(G) Shopping Results (Right)

Most shopping results on the right look the same as results on the left, but there are some exceptions. Such as paid product placement for a single product. That can be populated with no of products from different site into a block.

Knowledge Graph features

The knowledge graph is a complex combination of data sources and algorithms that is starting to implement across the SERP. Following are a few common types that I think are connected to the knowledge graph.

(H) List Carousel

This SERP features of  Google seems to appear for certain music-related searches. Clicking on any song takes you to a new SERP and a prominent YouTube box at the top of the page. For this case I give a query for “Disturbed Songs” and the result shown to me is given below. Google list the link to all popular videos songs of Disturbed.

(I) People also ask Question Box

According to your search query if Google finds that there are several questions asked by the peoples the Google will implement Question Box SERP features into your result list. From there you may get a quick answer to your query.

(J) Answer Box

There are various shapes and sizes of answer boxes Google uses, but they always appear as a gray-outlined box at the top of the left-hand column. Some of this data comes directly from third-party sources, I think it is linked to the knowledge graph. Here I have passed a query for “Noodles Calories” to Google. Google shows me an Answare Box where I can choose the variation of cooked noodles with their quantity. Depending on my given option I can get the result about how much calories I will gain if I eat it.

(K) Knowledge Graph (Info) 

The main Knowledge Graph looks like below —a block of information about a subject, in this case, nutritional information about Noodles. Informational knowledge graph boxes have many variants. Hear it is sjowing all related facts about noodles.

knowledge graph info

(L) Knowledge Graph (Brand)

It is also technically still a knowledge graph box but it is for top brands. It may be connected to Google+ Brand page. The given picture below is shown in SERP for query “Infosys”.

(M) Knowledge graph Financial :

This is also a type of Knowledge Graph Box but ment for financial information. Her it shows the share market information corrosponding to the top brand name in serch query. This is shown for search query “Infosys”

(N) Disambiguation Box

The disambiguation box occurs when Google thinks that a searcher’s intent is ambiguous and wants to provide options. In the Mega-SERP example, a search for “TATA” brought up options for a division company of TATA. Clicking on one of these links triggers a new search.

Vertical search results

(O) Image Mega-block

The mega-block of images is rare and seems to only occur at the top in 7-result SERPs. The Mega-SERP example comes from the search “Picture of Infosys Mysore campus”, and these images almost always appear for searches starting with “pictures of…”, “photos of…”, etc.

(P) Video Results 

Currently, video results are integrated into organic results, with the exception that they show a thumbnail of the video and sometimes a publication date. Video results can appear at any position in the SERP.

(Q) Image Results

Image results are still a “true” vertical and placed in the left column and are tied directly to Google Image search. Standard image results appear as a horizontal block of images in the left-hand column, and their position SERP list varies. These results link directly to Google Images.

(R) News Results 

News results are another true vertical big block, and also occur as a distinct block in the left column. The news block can have up to three links, and the first link is often enhanced with a thumbnail image. This is for Infosys.

(S) In-depth Articles

Introduced in August of 2013, “In-depth articles” are one of the greatest new highlights of the year. The inside and out piece is a genuinely vast arrangement of three articles (which would all be able to have thumbnails, at present). Google appears to hold this piece of content that is evergreen and actually “In depth articles” and a large portion of these connections originate from real productions like The New York Times. Not at all like news comes about, these links might be months or even years old and are not updated frequently.

Miscellaneous features

Finally, we have the list of SERP features that just don’t belong to any above-mentioned group. please go through

(T) Site-links (6-pack) 

The #1 organic listing might be compensated with extended site-links—somewhere in the range of one to six, contingent upon the site. There is an impeccable connection, at any rate in our information, between site-links and 7-result SERPs. Google is trying different things with 10-packs of site-links, however just for Domain inquiries, like my website “toolsphilia“.

(U) Authorship Mark-up

If Google can connect a resource to a Google+ entity, that result may get authorship mark-up, which adds a thumbnail of the author, his/her name, and some basic G+ stats. Also, there’s apparently such a thing as “taco journalism.”

(V) Review Mark-up

Products, recipes, and other appropriate entities may show review data, including stars. In the Mega-SERP example, the results may show no of votes given.

(W) Social Results

Social results have evolved a lot in the past year or so, and the current avatar looks a lot like authorship mark-up, but there’s one big difference—these results are 100% personalized. Twitter post result is shown to me for my favorite band “Sanam” because we r connected via twitter.

(X) Related Searches

This aspect of the SERP has almost become broad that I hesitate to even call it a feature. Here it includes the LSI keywords. The vast majority of searches have links at the bottom to related topics.

(Y) Featured snippet:

According to me Google providing the answer directly in the search results for some search terms from a site. But I think this feature is reducing the traffic from that site. Think if you get your answer from SERP list page then you will not click on the links to go and visit the website. See the result for the query “how to pair Bluetooth device”.


Google is evolving. Many numerous features will come in coming days. Let hope for the best. Please keep in touch by subscribing us. A few days later I will post a topic related to “SEO for SERP Local Pack”. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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