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Youtube SEO Checklist 2018 that will boost your channel by 110%

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If you have a YouTube channel if you want to grow your channel then you should follow this YouTube SEO Checklist 2018. It is up to date because from April 2017 there has a huge change in YouTube algorithm so you must follow this YouTube SEO 2018 checklist.

The first question around your mind is “How to rank youtube video on google?” because that is why you are here. Before the solution, at first, you must know that how potential youtube video is?

Did you know …

  • Over 70% of ALL web traffic now comes from the video because watching against reading is more efficient in understandability.
  • Videos posted on Facebook are shared TWICE as often as written or image-based content
  • And YouTube now reaches more US, India and all over the world adults ages 18-34 than ANY cable network and it’s accelerating fast…

In fact, the search engines are already favoring video in their search results even if it’s newer and has less authority than the equivalent content in written form.

This means you must have to choose to deliver your content through video.

VIDEO is now the efficient way people want to learn, shop, and interact online.

Then one question arises in your mind that Is it working and so easy. Yes. go through this YouTube SEO Tutorial and you will learn the process of YouTube video optimization.

This YouTube SEO Checklist 2018 sheet gives you 15 simple and actionable tricks our in-house team here at use to consistently win traffic pumping No.1 rankings with video…

Beside all these, you should have an understanding of latest Google Updates.

Here is the deal ….

It’s an easy read, so go ahead, read it now, and start to maintain this YouTube SEO Checklist 2018 to your videos to get them ranking higher and generating a  more traffic from both YouTube and Google today.

You don’t need any Youtube SEO Toll. Just you have to follow the tips. 100% it is working.

You should go through this Infographic made by us otherwise you will miss something.

After reading you don’t have to worry about “How to rank a video on google?”.

This Youtube SEO Checklist will boost your traffic and watch time on your Youtube Channel

youtube seo checklist 2017 infographic toolsphilia

Youtube SEO 2018 Checklist (Youtube video optimization process):

1. Create An Awesome Title – Title Optimization

You have just get one opportunity to establish the first impression, and this is particularly valid for your videos. Before anybody watches your video, they’ll make a judgment on whether it’s justified regardless of their opportunity in view of your video title. This is your first and the last communication to the audience will have to your video, so don’t ignore it.

Steps to optimize Video title:

  1. Compelling Headline used to improve CTR – do keyword research and choose that keyword which has high search volume and low competition. Use Long Tail Keyword to improve your Click Through Rate(CTR) i.e. use attractive words
  2. Main Keyword in the title – Use the main keyword in Video title and with additional keyword later.
  3. LSI or related keyword in title
  4. Have to used snippet tool – to check how your meta title and description look?

2. Description optimization

  1. Do You Have More than 300-word description
  2. Do You have the main keyword in description first sentence?
  3. Did You Use a Short, Concise Accurate description of the basic information about your video the first 3 lines of your description?
  4. Do You Have Related Search Terms From Google SERPS in Your Description
  5. Do you have more than one link in the description?
  6. If Yes, Is Additional Links To Related Videos In Your Channel or To Your Social Accounts?
  7. Do Your descriptions have some Google grouped keywords sprinkled throughout
  8. Is a correct category used?
  9. Did you add your video to a playlist?
  10. Is the playlist syndicating to support channels?

3. TAG Optimization for Youtube SEO

  1. Is Your Main keyword in your video tags
  2. Have you put your most important keywords first?
  3. Are your tags highly relevant to the video content?
  4. Are all your highly relevant tags in the description?
  5. Do You Have Related Searches From Google SERPS in Your Tags?
  6. Do You Have Branding Tags In Your Videos?
  7. If the main keyword is in all (title, tags, description, annotations or cards)
  8. If Related keyword is in all (title, tags, description, annotations or cards)

4. Additional Video Optimization for Youtube SEO

  • Do You Have closed captions with your video transcription?
  • Have you used annotations with the keyword included?
  • Have you used YouTube cards for mobile users?
  • Did you use the main keyword in the YouTube card?
  • Is Your Video in HD? (720 or above)
  • Do you have your main keywords in your mp4 properties before uploading?
  • Is Your Video A Normal YouTube Upload?
  • Are you sharing your video on YouTube uploader/editor with your attached social networks?
  • Did you use an attractive or stand out Thumbnail?
  • Does Your Video Thumbnail have your main keywords in the Jpeg properties?
  • Do You Have Your YouTube RSS Feed Syndicating Via Onlywire?
  • Do You Have A Call To Action At The End Of Your Video
  • Did You Use The First 10 Seconds To tell Viewers What Your Video Is About?
  • Is Your video length under 4 minutes? (if not a training video)
  • Is It A Training Video?
  • Are you making the first comment under your video with your link to your money URL? This is where we can get a do follow the link from Youtube.

I think finally you got the answer of the question “How to rank youtube videos on Google?”

Special Information regarding Youtube SEO Checklist 2018 (Updated Oct’17) :

Youtube is no longer bothered about view count. They now consider watch time as the key in their algorithm. So make good content and the quality of the video should be minimum 1080p. If your video is on 4k then youtube will

So make good content and the quality of the video should be minimum 1080p. If your video is in 4k then youtube will be pleased to promote your video.

Youtube is now focusing on live video so do some live session to grow your channel.

Automation Tool for YouTube SEO :

Another term is now in the scenario. Watch velocity means what is your watch time within first 48 hours of upload. So use IFTTT automation to post your video link to all of your social networking sites, blogs etc. Manually it to difficult to promote your video all 100 of the website within 24 hours …

Wish you have gathered a good knowledge of Youtube SEO Checklist 2018. Meanwhile, you can like our facebook page Facebook/toolsphilia and also have a look at Online Marketing Toll page

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youtube seo checklist 2017 tubebuddy

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