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IFTTT – Free Automation Tool for Web|Complete Guide

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The questions arises in your mind is “What is Ifttt?” and “What does IFTTT stand for?” The answer is IF This Then That.  It is a free web-based service to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets.

An applet is activated by a triggered or an event that occurs within other web services such as  Gmail,  Facebook,  Instagram or Pinterest with your proper authority.

For example, an applet may send an e-mail message if the user post in his Facebook page, or copy a photo on Facebook to a user’s archive if someone tags a user in a photo.

Apart from the web-based application, the service also runs on iOS and Android App. You can create, control, manage all of your applets.

If you are a digital marketer or SEO people, you must need this tool to create backlinks or to share post from your blog to all of your social accounts with your single activity (trigger). It will save your time.

The best thing ..of IFTTT

It is Free, efficient, fast and user-friendly.IFTTT recipes toolsphilia

How does IFTTT work?

It works on trigger method. If something is happened in the web (in a particular “services”) and if you have the authority to track then it will do his work according to the IFTTT recipes (applets) which were defined previously. It can also work on multiple hierarchies. You can use it on desktop or in Android IFTTT App.

IFTTT recipes trigger toolsphilia

How to setup IFTTT?

Very easy .. as follows

      1. Setting up all IFTTT services (previously known as channel):

        This means that you have to link all your channels like all of your Social Media Accounts, E-mail accounts, Blogs, Vlogs,  Social Bookmarking sites, Cloud Storage, Communication Services account with proper authentication information. You can link Youtube, WordPress website, Blogger, Tumblr, Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook, Facebook Page, Reddit, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Evernote, Medium, Weebly, Bitly, Google+ etc.
        Manage services IFTTT toolsphiliaTo create a connection with YouTube at first you have to go to the user login pull-down menu and have to click on services. Then click on Youtube icon. It will open a separate page where you have to click on Connection Button to establish the service.
        You will land on Google login page. Choose or give the correct user information which is associate with your Youtube channel.  After that you have to give the permission to IFTTT to access your youtube account info. You have to click on “Allow” button to activate the connection between Youtube and IFTTT.
        Follow these steps for each IFTTT services and connect the desired Blog, Vlog, Social Bookmarking site, Social Media etc.
        Connecting Youtube with IFTTT            Sign in with YouTube IFTTT

        sign in with YouTube IFTTT          Setting of YouTube IFTTT

      2.  Creating and choosing IFTTT Recipes (Applets) :

        Here IFTTT recipes mean “For which trigger what to do?” At first, choose a trigger service from your added services and then choose from the different recipes(applets) available there and cllick on “Turn On” button.
        Take an example. Suppose you want whenever you upload a new video on your Youtube channel, IFTTT should post a link on your linked WordPress blog. Choose that applet and Voila! you have activated an automation process. After activating this applet whenever you upload a new video a post will automatically create on your WordPress blog. You need not to post manually. Isn’t it great. And that Youtube activity can trigger lots of applets. This is very much usefull for Youtube SEO because in these days Watch Velocity is taking as a key factor for ranking and recomendation.
        Remember many applets can be activated on a single trigger and it also can be used in chain also.

    Details list of services category available in IFTTT :

  1. Social Networking
    E-mail accounts
    Blogs, Vlogs,
    Social bookmarking sites
    Cloud Storage
    Communication Services account
    Connect Digital Car
    DIY ElectronicsContacts
    Development Tool
    Environment control & monitoring
    Finance & Payment
    Health and Fitness
    Home Smart Lighting
    Mobile device and accessories
    News and Information
    Photo & Video
    Smart power monitoring and management
    IFTTT Google Home (Google Assistant)
    Security and monitoring system
    Smart Hubs and System
    Task Management and to-dos
    Time management & TrackingTravel & Transit
    Voice assistants

IFTTT Recipes (Applets):

You can find different recipes, presently known as applets, by clicking on the “Discover” Menu on the Website.

Also you can find out some interesting applets on Ben Woods’s  article for smart home (IFTTT Google Home or Google assistant).

Please also checkout 101 IFTTT Recipes to Simplify Your Life.


IFTTT Alternatives:

Zapier is an alternative tool of IFTTT. Zapier is an American corporation and a web-based service that allowszapier toolsphilia end users to incorporate the web applications they use.


  • Start workflows from any app by picking a trigger and that starts your “Zap” workflow
  • Finish scheduled routine tasks automatically using workflows
  • Create Zap workflows using fill in the blank forms in a web page


Zapier provides workflows to automate the use of web applications together. It is often described as a translator between web APIs.

Usage examples

  • Zapier workflows can keep data consistent across web applications, such as between Evernote and Dropbox (service)
  • Individuals can also use a visual web page to wire together their favorite apps into “Zaps”, such as Slack and Yammer
  • Developers can set up their web APIs for use with Zapier, and open up integration with many other web apps

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