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Increase Organic Reach on Facebook : 11 secret Facebook post reach trick

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First thing first. Before we go to the targeted topic called “13 secret strategies to increase Organic Reach on Facebook”. We must know what is organic reach on Facebook? After that, we will learn about Facebook post reach trick. Be patient.

What is organic reach on Facebook?

Suppose if you have 5000 friends on the list or no of fans in your Business Page. If you post something relevant with an expectation that all friend will react or engaged so that your voice will reach to them(5000 friends).

But this will not happen. And it will always far lower than your estimation.

What is the real thing going on?

250 to 300 people will maximum engaged themselves with your post. This is Organic Reach on Facebook. The no of people saw that post of yours without paid promotion is called the organic reach on Facebook.

But the question arises in your mind that why rest of the people(of 5000 fans) are not responding? Have they ignored your updates or overlook?

The answer is here. Your post is not shown to the rest of the people’s news feed. That is why Facebook Organic Reach is Declining.

Why Facebook Organic Reach Is Declining?

It has been researched that organic reach fell by 52% in 2016. But why if Facebook is very much concerned about there user then why they are dropping their post by 50%.

Here is the deal!

More content is being published than ever. So filtering and providing the right content in the news feed to the user is very tough. So they have to filter out the News Feed Stream.

3000 Crores or 30 Billion pieces of content published every month on Facebook. Choosing write content for you in your news feed is not a joke.

They also have to think which news should be shown to you that you likely engaged with that. Facebook provides only the most relevant and appropriate content to each user. The content shown is inserted according to each user’s individual interests.

The last one is Facebook AD business.

If your post or business information or brand news is reaching to all of your friends, followers then why should you run the promotion to waste money. This is a big business of Facebook. So they intentionally decline the graph of post reach.

According to research made by Edgerank Checker between Feb’12 and Mar’14, organic reach for the average Facebook Page dropped from 16% to 6.5%. and that for Pages with more than 500,000 Likes, organic reach could be as low as 2%.

Based on the above figure we can say a Page with 10,000 fans could expect just 650 of them to actually see that Page’s posts in their News Feed. For a Page with 1 million fans, about 20,000 would end up seeing posts (based on the 2% figure).

Why organic reach on Facebook important for the marketer?

Because, If your campaign is reaching your target audience without investing money then you will be the gainer.

So, What steps should be taken to increase the Organic Reach on Facebook?

You need to attract potential listener/buyer and funnel them into your sales funnel ( for musician getting a contract for live GIG) .

When you do this organically, it won’t cost you anything besides time and effort.

Then what is the Facebook news feed algorithm?

We can assume that after doing lots of research that Facebook somehow or may be following the rules given below. Though there may be 1000 parameters more but according to us

What stories have been posted by your friends and publishers?

Who posted this story? (Authority of your Page or Profile)

How likely are you (User) to comment on this story?

What is the relevance score?

How recently was the post published?

How frequently the publisher posts content?

What is the number of likes, comments, and shares on the post?

How often has the user interacted with the page posting the update?

Past user interaction with the same post type.

Negative feedback on the post.

How useful is the post?

So what those steps you should take to increase Organic Reach on Facebook?

Here is the list.

1#. Create a Facebook Fan Page / Business Page :

If you doing everything for business (Brand/ Public figure/ Musician/Band/Corporate) then please don’t market yourself through your profile.

Creating Page means you are gaining more tools and analytical data to review your post-performance. The main thing is that Facebook gives priority to Page post not profile post in the news feed of your friend.

Converting friend into a fan of your page is very easy. You already know it very well. Just you have to invite all of your friends to like your page.

2#. Publish post when most of your friends or fans are online:

It means paying more attention to when you should publish your post.

Use Facebook Page “Insight” feature to do a research when most of your Facebook fans are online.

Posting that time you will get more engagement on your post.

Because Facebook is looking for ..

Who posted it?

How people engage with that?

What kind of post is it?

When is it posted?


The last question is important. Because if you post at a time when most of your fans/friend are offline your post reach will drop. Because when most of your fans/ friends get back to online then Facebook things that post will be older for them and apart from those tons of other post has been generated in the meantime. They are in the queue.

According to my study at afternoon 3 pm to evening 6 pm and after 9 pm if you post something then the PER will be increased. It may vary depending on the nature of your fans and friends. Please go through your post insight.


How people engage with your content has a lot to do with reach.

3#. Be selective about what you publish:

Being selective about the content type will boost your post engagement rate (PER). Sometimes the funny post will increase your PER. Because those people are like your Page (suppose a page of Rock Band) beside liking your music can also have an interest in Funny things. Everybody loves to laugh.

Try to post evergreen content.

4#. Don’t post more than two times a day :

There are about 65M active small business pages on the platform.

Don’t try to flood with post. If you are posting more then two-three times then your organic post reach will decrease.

From Facebook’s perspective, it will not be an ideal user experience to flood the News Feed with posts just because a Page has lots of Likes and is publishing more content.

Be selective what you posting.

5#. Make more interaction with fans/ friends:

Try to figure out your affordable time once a day when you can go through all comments given on your post. Try to reply them. At least give a like to their comment. That means a lot to your friends and follower/fans.

It will increase your PER. Which is a major parameter of Facebook News Feed Algorithm?

Try to engage people in your post.

Important thing is that if a fan is commenting on your post then there have a probability to show your post in the news feed of his friend is increased. If that person is not your fan no problem.

Show people you are listening and paying attention to responding quickly.

6#. Use Facebook Insight:

Using Facebook Insight feature you can learn which type of post you have got more reach and more engagement. Try to figure out which is the best way to reach your Fans.

Is it Image-based or Text with links or Video post?

According to me the order should be

  1. Video Post (native Facebook video post not YouTube Video)
  2. Text with links
  3. Image Posting

But it may be vary depending on the interest, education of your fans. So try to use Facebook Insight Post Tab.

7#. Use Post Targeting:

Do you know that you can target people who should see your Facebook posts?

This is called Facebook Audience Optimization. It is an organic targeting tool that helps businesses reach and engage the right audience on Facebook, as well as better understand the interests of people clicking on their posts.

You can use interest tags to describe the interests of people who are most likely interested in your post. For example, a fashion-related post might include tags for popular fashion brands.

In this strategy, the post reach initially will not take the flight but when those targeted people are engaging with your post the Post reach will increases.

8#. Share posts on your Facebook Page on your Facebook profile.

At first, you should post at your page then share it on your profile this way you can increase your CTR and PER. Those people are not friends of you but following you will also get the update and your friends too. If they are starting to react, comment then the PER of that post will increase and thus the chances of showing in the news feed of your friend, friends of a friend will increase.

It does not mean that If you have 5000 fans then you post reach will be under that figure. It can be cross that limit. See the Screenshot of my friend’s FB Page with 850 fans and 1858 friends in profile.

9#. Request that your engaged audience turns on notification for your new posts.

You should ask your friend or followers to active the notification which is under the following button. I have suggested one of my Musician and singer friend Koushik Chakraborty to use this strategy to increase this page PER or Click Through Rate (CTR).

Koushik Chakraborty FB Page

10#. Recycle or repurpose your evergreen content

This is where content repurposing comes into effect. Handpick your best evergreen posts and convert them to a different post and different angle.

For example, if your video earlier was too lengthy, you can alternatively reach your audience again using quick infographic repurposed from that video.

Each time you share that content on your Facebook page, it picks up traffic for you.

Use Pilot Poster to automate sharing your post with no of Groups.

11# Use hashtags but not more than 2

A #Hashtags provide a very simple and effective easy way to find and participate in related conversations and posts on Facebook.

Use some time researching and finding the hashtags that are popular in your niche and include them in your post.

You can use hashtag research tools such as Hashtagify to identify the top hashtags in your selected niche.


Case study

I have suggested some tricks to one of my friend for his Band Page

That page with 850 likes and friend list of 1858 in my friend’s profile.

Trick applied to him as my suggestion.

  1. Post regularly at 9 am and 7 pm ( I have scheduled for 5 days)
  2. Use Motivational post apart from Music related post.
  3. He posted on his page and then share it on his profile.

The result of Organic Reach on Facebook is given below with screenshot.

You can observe the Post reach is dramatically changed to 7.5k, 6.6k, 4.5k. But Post reach does not guarantee you that the engagement will also increase.

Post Engagement Rate (PER) depends on

How interesting your content?

How the authority of you and your page?

Do you interact with fans and friends? Do you respond your friends regular basis?



Organic reach is such a valuable factor in getting traffic from Facebook without investing money.  It can get you maximum results for whatever cost you’re willing to pay and increase your influence.

Invest your time and effort in Organic search. You will get the result and you will love to share this article and you will be benefited by reading “11 secret strategies to increase Organic Reach on Facebook” and this Facebook post reach trick will help you a lot.

I hope you have to go through this topic carefully. And hope you got the strategy. Feel free to comment, question. Thaks for reading.


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